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Services Offered:

Product Types:

  • Multifamily

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Industrial

We believe that because of the recent consolidation in the commercial real estate industry, many commercial real estate service companies have begun focusing on the industry as being commodity- rather than entrepreneurial-driven. As the industry has become more consolidated, larger firms have had to increase the scale and scope of taking care of their clients.We believe that this consolidation in commercial real estate has resulted in commodity-driven expectations due to conflicts of interest and larger agency costs for third-party clients. Wellington Realty’s focus is to reduce agency cost and align our firm’s goals with the goals of our clients. It is our historical and fundamental belief that Wellington Realty will be able to incrementally surpass the commercial real estate industry average performance index within each market space in which we have an active presence.

Good business practices and strong employee commitment are core tenets that drives Wellington’s success and are supported by our company’s three core values and ten principles. Because we encourage a top-down and bottom-up approach to business, we encourage and reward the embodiment of our three values and ten principles, as they have proven critical to our successes.

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