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Investment Sales

Maximizing Value

The value of Wellington Realty lies in our ability to create a market that best fits the seller’s objectives for their property. We understand that the disposal of real estate is a significant decision, and the approach to selling that asset is just as important. Every property and every market is different; that’s why we vary our selling objectives and marketing approach to fit the many diverse needs of our clients and their distinctive properties. For instance, some clients are primarily concerned with IRR while others are more focused on time, keeping the transaction discrete, or optimal in terms. All of these objectives require different marketing approaches. If maximizing IRR/price is the issue, which is most often the case, then mass marketing would be an appropriate approach to employ. However, when time is our client’s driving factor, the value of the buyer fulfilling their stated intentions become the more critical factor to consider. When keeping the transaction discrete is the primary concern, then selective, targeted, and effective marketing becomes vital. No matter what the seller’s needs are, we will meet them by focusing our marketing to suit their individual transaction. We in turn create value for our clients through our speed, marketing knowledge, experience, and attention to each and every specific detail of the seller’s transaction.

Wellington Realty Investment Sales
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