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Property Management

Wellington Realty provides a comprehensive array of property management services to commercial and multifamily owners and investors. We create and preserve value and wealth throughout the life cycle of the asset by minimizing operating costs, optimizing tasks and activity systems, and enhancing the tenant experience. We provide transparent and sophisticated financial performance tracking, senior-level attention to your asset, as well as significant communication and reduced response times.

Activity Systems for Management

  • Monthly reporting with ownership in regards to the property’s financial, physical traffic, and property enhancement attributes

  • On-site staff daily “to-do list” for Wellington

  • Client communication regarding issues and concerns

  • Wellington with ownership in regards to the management plan
    Wellington with staff (daily)

  • Wellington with clients
    City inspectors, law enforcement & community

  • Staff follow-ups with all traffic (e.g. walk-in, call-in, etc.)

  • Systematic completion of maintenance orders

  • Method and policy in which money collections are handled

  • Staff policy and procedures

  • Daily, monthly, and yearly staff goals

  • Property events & client perks

  • Filter and push client comments regarding the property

  • Manager & maintenance staff can record requests & comments

  • Foster a sense of fairness and friendliness regarding how clients think and feel about management

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