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Wellington Realty is a Commercial Real Estate Service Company with Brokerage and Management Capabilities.

Our Mission Statement "To consistently make and save our clients money by focusing on our values and principles"

The Three Core Values of 
Wellington Realty; 

Entrepreneurial Value

Human Capital 

Tacit Market Knowledge 



Are the keys to success for the clients we represent as well as the company as a whole.

Our Ten Principles
  • Leadership is taught and encouraged throughout the company from the top-down and bottom-up

  • Goal setting is a priority in the company and per­sonally

  • A culture that encourages training, education, & skills improvements

  • A culture where team building is a requirement

  • Critical thinking and collaboration is a requirement throughout the organization

  • A culture of transparency and admitting mistakes

  • A culture of accountability

  • A culture where creative and innovative thinking is rewarded

  • Better over cheaper

  • Revenue over cost

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